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Already a working singer at the age of fifteen, Christine quickly learned to harness her teenage attitude and transform it into a powerful song. As sass, spunk and spirit coursed through her adolescent veins, she used her musical palette to paint a blazing personal and professional landscape. Contrasting shades of color can literally be heard as she spins her web of song. Vulnerability, heartache, hopes, dreams and abandon all burst onto an audible canvas when her rich voice rings out.

In contrast to many of her European contemporaries, Christine’s unique sound is cut from a wide ribbon of musical experiences. African American churches in her native Atlanta provided the backdrop for her earliest performances. Southern gospel evolved into the funk and groove sounds that she provided for bands in Nashville, Los Angeles and London.

Along the way, Christine has collected the odd stone or memento to remind her where she’s come from and where she’s been. These precious keepsakes have provided benchmarks along the path that shine much brighter than traditional prizes or trophies. Christine’s more recent experience as an actor allows her to tell a unique story with the lyrics of her songs. The brilliance of this record is not simply Christine’s narrative reach, but the interpretive mastery that she offers.

The musical trio that surrounds Christine has accompanied her in jazz clubs and festivals throughout Paris and Europe for the last decade. Peter Giron is musical director and string bass player. Jobic Le Masson brings his innovative phrasing to the piano and John Betsch throws a Roachesque polyrhythmic on the drums. Various other world-class guest musicians from around the world have lent their talent to this collaboration and thrilled Christine with their contributions to the project.

“Nor she or her group wander into lyricism or belabored improvisations; their approach is refreshing and direct. There is no beating around the bush, leaving space for emotion and sensation. The vocal improvisations are clean and brief, full of emotion with lots of tenderness in the ballads while a touch of feline reveals itself when she sings the blues. 

She lives her music. Fully.

She inhabits the lyrics, her body accompanying her emotions and the song’s story. She sings in character; proclaiming, moaning, laughing, sighing, taking on a role for each song.

A new artistic concept? She plays with the audience, without overdoing it, a little like a cat discovering a new playmate, with seduction and restraint.

A joyous ambiance reigns. Her voice teases and laughs with her audience and her musicians. We sense their real joy in playing together and the devotion of the musicians to their singer. It’s clearly mutual, as Christine leaves them open space for their expression as well.”


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