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Christine Flowers is a bilingual qualified singing, acting and yoga coach who, after more than 35 years of professional experience on stage and in the studio, offers workshops and individual coaching that seamlessly blend the rhythm and improvisation of jazz with the serenity of yoga and the discipline of the Actor’s Studio.

Born in Atlanta, Christine was immersed in the soulful oratory of the African-American community in the aftermath of the nation’s civil rights movement. This, melded with her Native American and Scottish ancestry, and a precocious career in musical theatre, jazz and country music, gave her a unique cross-cultural perspective and the impetus that took her to France, where she fully embraced the language and culture while furthering her technique and career in performing. 

At age fourteen, Christine attended the Northside School of the Performing Arts and performed in Leonard Bernstein’s Mass, directed by Robert Shaw with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. By the time she was sixteen years old, she was recording background vocals for American country singers Reba McEntire, Tammy Wynette and Charlie Rich in America’s ‘Home of country music,’ Nashville, Tennessee, where Opryland U.S.A. hired her as a singer and dancer.

Having arrived in France in 1982, she studied at the Institut Musical de Formation Professionnelle (I.M.F.P.) in Salon de Provence, Le CIM École de Jazz et Musique in Paris and with Blanche Salant of the Actor’s Studio in Paris. 

She has performed at Galerie 55, Sudden Théâtre, Le Théâtre du Petit Hébertot and L’Espace Cardin. For several seasons, Disneyland Paris offered her leading roles in various productions including Lillie’s Follies. After opening for John McLaughlin, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Calvin Russell, Christine produced two independent albums, Colors & Light (1994) and In a New Mood (2011).  Radio France, Le Sunside-Sunset, Le New Morning, Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit, Le Petit Journal, Franc Pinot, Le Music Village and Autour de Midi have all welcomed Christine to their stages. Christine is also a voiceover artist for cartoons and films, notably as the English voice of Air France and the SkyTeam Airline Alliance, as well as the French voice of Jane Fonda for L’Oréal.

A recent graduate of Studio des Variétés, Christine is a certified voice instructor. She teaches on the faculty of the École Professionnelle de Comédie Musicale (EPCM) and the Institut Supérieur des Arts de la Scène (I.S.A.S.). Additionally, Christine teaches singing and vocal technique at the Pôle Supérieur d’Enseignement Artistique Paris Boulogne-Billancourt (PSPBB) and for the Diplôme National Supérieur Professionnel de Danseur (DNSP) at the Conservatoire Maurice Ravel and the Conservatoire Claude Debussy.

Trained in India as a certified instructor of restorative and therapeutic yoga, Christine integrates relaxation, breathing and yoga instruction into workshops and individual coaching sessions that address vocal technique, interpretation, scenic expression, developing vocal identity and sound, public speaking, improving confidence and communication skills.


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